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Электроинструмент Makita по низким ценам
knee surgery

  • The main production of the Module ETP company possesses technology and equipment of processing of the various types of materials: pattern cutting of sheet metal with laser cutter; cutting-out and plastic forming, turning, cutting and electro-erosion treatment of metal, welding, cast moulding of plastics and aluminium under pressure, heat treatment of metal, coating of various types: powder coating, zinc plating, chromium plating.
    For preparation of production, the company provides itself with the manufacture of compression moulds, impresses, moulds for own production.
  • The Module ETP is an enterprise with a multi-profile production and modern equipment for complete closed cycle of production that enables to control the quality of manufactured components and products in whole, to develop and implement new projects in the shortest possible time.
    The total production area of the company is over 15,000 m².
    The work is provided by over 300 units of equipment.
    The number of employees of the company is about 500 people.
    Production capacity is of 700 thousand units a year.
    More than 250 models of products in a wide range.

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