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  • Preparation of production of new and modernization of existing products involves a set of interrelated work that establishes the sequence and conditions of the processes of manufacturing products in the most efficient ways to ensure rhythmic and cost-effective production.
    The Module ETP has its own powerful technological base, which ensures complete technological readiness of production to release a new product with minimal labour, material and time costs.
    The Module ETP independently carries out the technological preparation of production: selection of rational methods of manufacturing parts and components, development of technological processes, design and manufacturing of impresses, press moulds for casting of plastics, devices, tools and equipment.

  • Organizing processes of the Module ETP covers the interaction of all elements of production and a set of activities in organization, planning, material and technical support and production personnel, aimed at serial production of products of the highest quality, improvement efficiency and ensuring stable development; improvement of quality of products; increasing the efficiency of staff at all levels; improvement of infrastructure.
  • The Module ETP continuously develops and improves production and management through comprehensive automation of production processes, in order to increase productivity, quality improvement, optimization of production process, allowing more efficient use of necessary resources.
    Management system of the Module ETP automates the processes of organization and planning of production, material and technical support, work with customers and suppliers. The automated control system adjusts the interaction of all structures of the Module ETP quickly and qualitatively.
    Production of the Module ETP is provided and actively uses an automatic powder coating line, press machines for casting plastics under pressure, automatic machines for laser cutting of sheet metal, etc.
  • The Module ETP owns a laboratory management system and quality control at the production. Comprehensive complex product quality check at each stage of production is ensured by the Module ETP with high quality of all products and reduces the possibility of defects to a minimum.
    The main purpose of product quality control of the Module ETP is verification of the conformity of products with the requirements of the normative and technical documentation and international quality standards, information on the progress of production process and maintenance of its stability; protection of the enterprise from supply of low-quality materials; detection of defective products at the early stages of production; prevention of production shortages; adherence to quality standards, and prevention of supply of low quality products to consumers.

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