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  • Creating new products is one of the main areas of the Module ETP development.
    The company offers a system of solutions that allows you to comprehensively generate ideas, identify specific areas and formulate basic concepts for creating new product models. Our studies are based on the analysis of data at the level as an individual consumer, so the study of the market as a whole, which is the key to the development of new product’s models to meet the needs of each consumer.
    Formulation of concepts in the early stages of development is carried out with the help of qualitative testing of the primary concepts, which is based on the principle of consistent improvement for transformation of perspective concepts into prototypes, ready for implementation in production.

  • Specialists of the Module ETP uses modern automated design systems at the stages of design and technological preparation of production, providing the development of products of any level of complexity with the maximum precision of manufacturing and minimal time.
    The use of automated software systems allows us quickly and qualitatively to create industrial design, 3d product design, engineering analysis, develop technological process, carry out material and labour assessment and put the product into production.
  • Products of the Module ETP pass mandatory system of checks and tests on functionality and efficiency that is a guarantee of quality and reliability of the product.
    Each model runs a complete set of reliability and durability tests for studying the product life cycle and identifying potential problems before selling the product in batch production.
    Use of specialized stands for extreme accelerated tests in a dynamic variable environment allows checking and assess the reliability and durability of the product during the short time, taking into account its aging, fatigue, wear and degradation during operation.
    The Module ETP tests each product according to functional parameters for performance and compliance with established requirements to ensure the maximum efficiency of each product without exception.
    Particular attention is paid to testing of packaging and transportation. The Module ETP developed a test procedure and a system of crash tests to check and protect products during transportation and logistics.
  • Introduction of new products of the Module ETP in production is the final stage of engineering projects, which combines a set of measures for implementation of concepts and the development of clear action plans for technology and serial production.
    The basis of qualitative introduction of products of the Module ETP is selection of optimal technology, to minimize costs, to establish effective production operations and to choose optimal combination of productive resources to provide necessary technology.

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